Paint Sales/Drop & Swap Program

Did you know that 98% of the materials collected through the HHW program are either recycled or reused? Paint and other household products are available to the public.

Paint is available for sale at the following locations:

Main Site:
2440 W. Sweetwater Drive
Friday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 12 noon

Los Reales Landfill:
5300 E. Los Reales Rd.
Monday - Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Recycled Paint

Latex paint collected through the program is mixed and packaged in 5 gallon containers. These are available to the public at the following rates:

  • City of Tucson Residents:
  • White: $20/5-gallons
  • All other colors: $15/5-gallons
  • Non-City Residents:
  • White: $25/5-gallons
  • All other colors: $20/5-gallons

Paint is available the Main Facility and Los Reales Landfill. Because this paint is mixed from recycled paints, it is intended for exterior use only. This paint is not intended for interior use.

To be eligible to purchase paint, verification of address is required, preferably a driver’s license or other documents showing permanent residency.

Drop and Swap

Many of the materials dropped off at collection events are usable products and are often in good condition and half-full to full.  Redistribution and reuse of these products is a positive alternative to disposal. At the main collection site, useful products are available to residents at no cost. The Drop & Swap shed may be closed occasionally if no materials are available for redistribution.